Country cottage cosy or Scandi cool? Dramatic and different, seaside freshness or boho wow? When decorating your home, to achieve a ‘pulled together’ look that brings harmony and looks finished, it’s important to know the style you want and to be true to it. Nowadays, home décor can be split up into 5 key styles or ‘looks’, each with defining features – and having a clear understanding of the direction you want to go will make decorating easier, more fun and help you avoid expensive mistakes…


This look is clean, contemporary, simple and pared-down. Its key feature is layers of greys – and the result is a calm, relaxed environment. Grey is flexible enough to work with any style of home. Furniture and accessories are typically modern with clean lines, with lots of light woods and muted fabrics.

The Danish phenomenon ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hooga’) is a form of this look: a state of mind that’s all about enjoying a happier life by creating cosy, homely spaces. Typically, these are calm, serene, sociable areas that are free of clutter – where we can share quality time with family and friends. It’s about candles, cosy heating and comfortable seating. It’s very much ‘less is more’, with no over-decorating – but your home shouldn’t look like it’s straight from a designer décor magazine either – comfort and ‘lived in’ is key.


The look here is inspired by modern apartments of downtown London or New York – trendy renovated warehouse space or modern metro loft living. Here greys are used with a blue undertone for a bit of warmth – while contrasting features such as exposed brickwork, stainless steel fittings and elegant use of glass complete the look.


Fancy a touch of holiday at home? That feeling of being by the sea, with all its freshness and light? The key colour features of a welcoming coastal scheme are watery blues and greens – sea foams, aquas and jade. Wallpaper in a bright, seaside style can provide the perfect contrast and add some warmth to the picture.

Dark and Dramatic

If you love the more sumptuously elegant style with a sense of drama and romance – this look is for you. Strong tones are used on all four walls – ranging from purple to greys, to deep jewel jades. The result is a bold, dark space – while bolder, brighter tones from pinks to yellows can be introduced as a contrast. Bright fabrics, furnishings and art works will really pop against the dark background – as will painted furniture.


Everyone loves a traditional country look – especially in kitchens and living rooms. It says ‘comfortable’, ‘welcoming’ and ‘family’. The best colours to go for are neutrals with a yellow undertone – grey/greens, rich creams and ivories – while it’s fun to accent with brighter colours such as apple green, red or blue.

Whatever the style – we’re here to help and make it come alive in your home in the most beautiful of ways. Speak to your colour consultant at Shanahan Paints today!