Today we speak with our instore colour consultant Fiona. 

When did you start working with Shanahan Paints?

I started working with Shanahan Paints in 2000

What were you doing before that?

I worked in a factory that made computer components

Best advice when choosing colour?

Don’t be afraid to go for darker colours, they can really add warmth to a room, it works best if you balance the dark colour with light decor.  Also  I would always say choose what you like rather than going for what’s in trend at the moment.

Fiona Colour Consultant

Most recommended shade of grey?

Dulux Perfectly Greige

Your favourite colour?

Greyish green

Black or White?


Stripes or Spots?


Leopard Print or Floral?


Favourite Lockdown food?

Baked potato

Favourite place in Co. Clare?


Who are you saving your hugs for when safe to do so again?

Colin Farrell