Paul, when did you start working with Shanahan Paints? 

March 2016


What were you doing before that? 

Architectural Technician for 14 years

IT Recruiter for 18 months

What do you most like about your job? 

Relaxed but professional atmosphere and good teamwork

Any tops tips on storing paint? 

Store at room temperature in a dry location away from direct sunlight. Utility room or under the stairs are both good examples. Remove excess air from the can / tub and clean rim to ensure airtight seal

Do you paint or wallpaper in your own home? 

Paint Yes, Wallpaper No

Your favourite colour? 


Favourite Sport/Team? 

Liverpool FC

Any Hobbies?

Hiking, Swimming, Jogging and Golfing

Do you shop local OR buy on the internet?

Both, depends on what I = intend to purchase but whenever possible I prefer to shop in or around the Ennis area

When 5km is lifted, where will you go first? 

Fanore Beach, great scenery and some super walks!