Ger Costello

When did you start working with Shanahan Paints?


What were you doing before that?

Prior to Shanahan’s I was the store manager for an Electrical Retailer.

What do you most like about your job?

Advising customers is something I really enjoy. Finding out what the customer likes allows me to recommend and suggest various ideas they may have never considered. I have many customers who return with decorating projects in mind and they value the quality of the advice and the ideas we bring to their projects. Overtime I have built up a relationship with my customers and time and time again they come back to us for the quality and level of advice we give them.

Any tops tips on storing paint?

Always keep the paint stored indoors if possible, this prevents the paint from going off from exposure to cold conditions.

Do you paint or wallpaper in your own home?

I’m not allowed to… 🙂

Your favourite colour?


Any Hobbies?

Genealogy and family history. I also enjoy running although the past year has put a stop on that.

Do you shop local or buy on the internet?

Shop local where possible.

When 5km is lifted, where will you go first?

Home to see my Mother as I have not seen her since before Christmas due to the lockdown.