Brian is the manager of our Shannon store .

When did you start working with Shanahan Paints?

I started with Shanahan’s around 2006/07

What were you doing before that?

I was always working in painting but before that I was painting aircraft.

What do you most like about your job?

What I most like about my job is meeting people and solving problems for them.

Any tops tips on storing paint?

If you can, always store your paint in a well insulated shed if not in the home also suits

Do you paint or wallpaper in your own home?

Yes I often paint and wallpaper at home and I often try new items so I can pass this onto customers

Your favourite colour?

Red all the way!

Favourite Sport/Team?

Liverpool Till I Die!

Any Hobbies?

I play soccer, golf  and am a keen DIY person and I will try my hand at anything.

Do you shop local OR buy on the internet?

I try my upmost to shop local and would use the internet as a last resort .

When 5km is lifted, where will you go first?

Most likely head to the beach 🙂